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About Us

Shimmers is an Enterprising Import House Importing Premium quality products from Global Markets Since 2013. Shimmers has been progressively developing and highly dynamic in the industry of Hair Treatments and Haircare. Shimmers has its ties with companies established in the USA, Brazil and other parts of the world. Shimmers promises to provide Extraordinary Products at Pocket-friendly prices.

We are helping women achieve their hair goals by revolutionizing hair care through professional treatments and home care products.

We promise to provide the best of global hair care and hair treatment products keeping in mind the safety of our consumers assuring premium quality.

Our Vision:
To be a market leader in the beauty Industry in the coming years by educating Indian beauty educators on advanced and innovative products used Globally.

Our Strength:
We import renowned and reliable products from countries like the USA, and Brazil. Our company operations are spread across the country with a network of highly talented and skilled workforce.

Our Team

Sandeep Gidwani

Co-Founder and Director

Sandeep Gidwani, a luminary in the world of haircare, is the Founder and Director of Shimmers. With a visionary spirit, he played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for Shimmers, bringing to life a brand that has redefined the standards of haircare. As a Director, he continues to steer the company with unwavering dedication, setting strategic goals and ensuring Shimmers remains a beacon of excellence in the dynamic landscape of haircare. Sandeep Gidwani’s dual role as Founder and Director reflects his commitment to shaping Shimmers into a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and a dedication to the artistry of haircare.

Karan Gidwani

Managing Director

Karan Gidwani is the visionary force propelling Shimmers to new heights. As the Managing Director, Karan shapes the strategic direction, fosters innovation, and ensures Shimmers remains a trailblazer in the competitive world of haircare. His leadership blends foresight with a commitment to excellence, steering the company towards continued growth and success. Karan Gidwani’s unwavering dedication to Shimmers values makes him not just a leader but a driving force behind the brand’s journey of redefining haircare standards.

Zainab Basak

Human Resource Head

As the Human Resource Head, Zainab oversees talent acquisition, fosters professional growth, and champions a positive workplace culture. Zainab Basak is dedicated to ensuring that every member of the Shimmers team feels valued, supported, and empowered. Her commitment to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive work environment aligns seamlessly with Shimmers ethos, making her an integral part of the company’s success.

Jagruti Karande

National Sales Manager (Central, West & North Region)

Jagruti Karande is the driving force behind Shimmers sales triumphs in West, North & Central region. As the dedicated National Sales Manager for this territory, she engineers strategic sales initiatives, guides her team to success, and ensures Shimmers products resonate with the unique preferences of customers in this vibrant region. With her keen market insights and leadership, Jagruti Karande is instrumental in propelling Shimmers to new heights.

Manisha Rathi

National Sales Manager (Central, East & South Region)

Manisha Rathi stands as the dynamic National Sales Manager charting the course for Shimmers success in Central, East & South Region. Her strategic vision, coupled with a deep understanding of the market dynamics in this region, positions Shimmers as a market leader. Manisha Rathi leads a dedicated team, ensuring that Shimmers products not only meet but exceed the expectations of customers. With her at the helm, Shimmers continues to shine brightly in this diverse and dynamic market.

Gautam Bhardwaj

National Technical Manager

Meet Gautam Bhardwaj, the expert guiding Shimmers’ technical excellence. As the National Technical Manager, he plays a pivotal role in training and empowering Technical Trainers & hair stylists with the latest techniques. Gautam Bhardwaj ensures that Shimmers’ commitment to innovation and quality is translated into the skilled hands of stylists, creating a harmonious blend of expertise and creativity that defines Shimmers’ presence in the haircare industry.